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Mid South Rehab is a very good company to work for. It allows you to achieve success and fulfillment in your career through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. Employees are always encouraged to do what is right above all else and the company is blessed because of that.


Employees are also challenged on a daily basis to achieve excellence in their careers and not to just meet the status quo. This guides, leads, and inspires employee partners to do their very best in their jobs and in interactions with each other and the patients and customers they serve!

- Director of Rehab

I have been associated with Mid South Rehab Services, Inc. for over 11 years and can personally say that it is one of the most caring, understanding and passionate companies I have had the opportunity to be associated with.


As in any organization, there are and always will be decisions made that are not agreeable to all employees but have always been made in the best interest of the company and the continued success of the company and its employee partners.

- Senior Manager

 I love Mid South because they give me the opportunity to perform the job and because they hire top-notch therapists who make it their mission to determine patients' problems and do their everything to fix them. 


It also allows me to see patients one on one and see them progress through their treatment and give them the care they deserve.

-Jeska Sisk, OTR/L

Director of Rehabilitation


Working for Mid South Rehab has provided me with many great opportunities to grow professionally. I graduated from PT school this past year and Mid South has provided a great learning environment with experienced therapist willing to teach me skills necessary to be a great clinician.


I have also enjoyed a large variety in my caseload, which has allowed me to gain experience in treating different diagnoses, in multiple settings. The Mid South staff has been great in meeting all of my administrative needs and all other issues a first time employee would face.


Lastly, I have been very impressed in the way Mid South has shown love and compassion for every one of its patients and is striving to provide high quality health care to the communities around the south.

- Morgan Robinson

My experience, as my first job out of physical therapy school, working for Mid South Rehab for the past 9 months has been rewarding, educational, diversified, and overall beneficial to the beginning of my physical therapy career. 


I have been able to work with an outstanding team of therapists, with valuable experience who have enabled me to refine and expand my skills as a PT.


I am also able to work in a diverse setting at the South Sunflower County Hospital by treating patients in outpatient, acute, and swing bed settings daily. I have also had the opportunity to travel to assist other facilities, while meeting and working with other Mid South Employees, which has also improved my ability to work efficiently in various environments.

- Spencer Johnson

Physical Therapy Technician

Best place to work! We love our patients and we have such a close knit family here! :-)

- Office Manager

Mid South Rehab has been a great place to work. They have been very supportive and made sure I was trained on all of the systems. It is a fast-paced environment but management tries to make sure I have everything I need to do my job. I would definitely recommend Mid South Rehab as a place to work.

- Support Staff

Mid South Rehab is an organized company that goes above and beyond for their employees. As far as for therapists, we are able to have a flexible schedule with average productivity standards. Our regional managers are wonderful and are always there for anything the therapists need!

- Director of Rehab

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