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360 Total Rehab Outpatient Clinic Occupational Therapy Clinic Mid South Rehab

360 Total Rehab is a comprehensive therapy provider offering physical, occupational and speech therapy on an outpatient basis at our flagship free-standing, convenient location in the Jackson Metro area as well as another location in Erin, TN. We have additional therapy centers within numerous Assisted Living Facilities throughout Mississippi and also provides services in Alabama and Tennessee. We are owned and operated by Mid South Rehab Outpatient, LLC and are a subsidiary of Mid South Rehab Services Inc. Mid South Rehab Services is the largest diversified therapy provider in Mississippi. We are committed to offering the best services, utilizing the most modern equipment and the most progressive treatment methodologies available - all to ensure our patients achieve the highest functional levels possible in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Our friendly staff is extensively educated, and all are licensed experts in their fields. All of our staff train continuously in their specialties, and are abreast of the most current trends in therapy practice. Not only are our staff well educated, they are also expert educators, and will go to unwavering lengths to teach and demonstrate good practices and standards of care to both our patients, and/or any members of their support team. 

We have the experience, technology, resources and skills necessary to provide an unrivaled rehabilitative and restorative program, and we put this program to work for you.

We look forward to seeing you at our clinic and we welcome the opportunity to restore you and yours to a better standard of life.

Our Care


Why should you choose 360 Total Rehab over any other services available to you? We offer all of the basics and traditional therapy services, but we also offer much more. 

Physical Therapists: An essential part of any rehabilitation program is physical therapy.  Physical therapists seek to restore strength, mobility, balance, endurance and function following injury, surgery, illness or disease.

Occupational Therapists: Managing day-to-day activities is a major goal with our occupational therapy program.  Occupational  therapists focus on restoring the mastery of essential activities of daily living, returning individuals to their highest potential and developing skills to help patients become self-sufficient.

Speech Therapists: Our speech therapists offer services aimed at restoring communication abilities.  An individual treatment program is developed to meet the specific needs of each patient.  Speech therapists also target the treatment of swallowing and eating disorders.


Our staff is entirely composed of licensed professionals, and the majority of our physical therapists possess doctorates in their field. Each therapist also meets both state and national requirements for his or her position. Our therapists are constantly continuing their education with additional training and certifications. See more details about our amazing Employee Partners and the trainings we provide them here.

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